September 02, 2015

Book Review: KLASS by Prita Yadav


 Author: Prita Yadav
Publisher: White Falcon Publications
Rating: 3.5/5

“Anything that gets your blood racing is probably worth doing”. KLASS is one such journey where the passion and spirit are unveiled and the burning desire to prove one’s worth is brought forth. The story revolves around Jo or Jolene Jordan, who has been compelled by her father to join KLASS, which is one of the most successful sports school in Maharashtra. Jo decides against the wishes of her father and wears the cloak of pretension. She projects herself as a rude, barbarian, impulsive and moody child, who prefers to be left alone. Little does anybody know that she does all this to avenge her father. However, her life experiences a twist and turn of events when she is made to choose a sport and is caught between the horns of a dilemma.
But life does not always go according to what you decide. Tables are turned and Jo changes. What made Jo change her attitude? Did she restore her relationship with her father? To know more, dive into Jo’s world and get a sneak peak of KLASS.

My opinion
KLASS is all about dreams, passion, determination, revenge, hope and relationships. The cover of the book could have been made more interesting. The title is good. I personally liked the title because I could relate it with ‘Class’ (homophony). Although the plot has endless instances where the reader is left amazed/ surprised, the blurb lacks the ‘element that would urge the reader’ to read the book.
The plot of the book is somewhat similar to ‘Wildchild’, starring Emma Watson. But the twist and turns introduced by the author are commendable. The language is simple and the narration binds the readers. Few chapters were pitched in unnecessarily.

The character sketch of Jo, Teju, Angus and Rino are perfect. The author has been able to successfully make the readers relate the story with their own lives.

Overall, a good- inspirational book that not only takes you to whole new level of chasing your dream but also stresses upon and addresses the social issue of ‘rejection of female child’.

Best wishes to the author!

There are syntactical and printing errors in the book. The cover of the book could have been made better.

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(Book Review first published in IWW online magazine)

Review copy courtesy: Prita Yadav and Kamal Paneru (Thanks guys :) )

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