September 10, 2015

Book Review: The saga of romance by Basanta K. Behera

The saga of romance

Author: Basanta Kumara Behera
Genre: Poetry collection

Basanta Kumara’s “The saga of romance” is a collection of short poems that range from Rhyming couplets, Quatrains, Senryu to Tanka, Haiku and free verse. The book is a slender volume for a life’s work and there is something soothing about all the poems. The poet has portrayed great variation in the rhyme scheme and the tone of the poem. Although all the poems talk about love, each poem touches our heart.

The poems are simple yet they have been written in a language that carries the readers through an experience that threatens to overwhelm. The lines not only manage difficulty but also project something new out of it. Say, for example, the poem titled ‘Love look’ which is a Senryu, has such beautiful lines that linger in your mind for a long time. The grandeur of these lines makes the feeling of anger go away in a jiffy. The comparison of candles with humans is commendable. Similarly, the lines “Float like a Lotus in the center of my heart with a little smile” leave a lasting impact.

The strongest point in this book is the link with metaphysical attachment and that binds the readers. When you are reading any poem, you can actually feel the depth of the words because you find it connected to your own life.

Why read these poems? Because they will touch your soul and change your perception. Moreover, read these poems because they are addressed to you!

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