September 13, 2015

Book Review: I dream of Clyde Monro by D. Everett Newell

I dream of Clyde Monro

Author: D. Everett Newell
Genre: Poetry collection

D. Everett Newell’s “I dream of Clyde Monro” is a collection of short poems. The poet has shown versatility in penning down a variety of poems that one can relate with. There are poems about his friends, poems on relationships, poems on solitude and poems written with a hint of revolutionary spark. The poems are simple yet they have been written in a language that carries the readers through an experience that pleases the heart.

Some of the best poems are “Halloween World”, “The Iron Brigade” and “Lake Ontario”. There is no particular Rhyme scheme used but still the lines leave a lasting touch. The strongest point in this book is the vision of the poet, due to which he has been able to paint the picture of his life in words. Every poem has a backstory- in some the poet has pointed out the dedication while other have been left for the readers to predict.

The language is lucid while the expression is clear in most of the poems. However, in some poems the meaning remains hidden behind the veil of words.

Overall, this book contains true life experiences and glimpses of important moments in the life of the poet. Not only this poetry collection promises to touch your heart but also guarantees some good literary pieces.

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