September 08, 2015

Book Review: Spilling down the wine glass by Pushpendu Mondal

Spilling down the wine glass

Author: Pushpendu Mondal
Publisher: Rumour Books India
Rating: 4/5

What happens when politics gets mixed with love? Yes, it turns dirty! ‘Spilling down the wine glass’ is a pot-boiler, with all the necessary elements of love, greed, emotions, politics and revenge. The plot is new and revolves around the lives of three major characters- Revathi, Siddharth and Arjun. The story is set into motion with the murder of the Chief Minister. The culprit escapes. But what follows next is a series of political murders that puts everyone on the edge of their seat. What makes the readers jump out of their own skin is the twist in the story where the life of these three people gets linked with politics. Will these three be able to speak their mind and take a stand or will they be cornered like the rest?

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My opinion
“As long as greed is stronger than compassion, there will always be suffering”. “Spilling down the wine glass” is a page-turner, with an engaging plot and well-crafted characters.  The author has beautifully portrayed the characters of Revathi, Arjun and Siddharth. The blurb is so apt and catchy that it forces the reader to browse through the pages and get to know what is happening.

The cover of the book is mesmerizing. But the major drawback in the book is the font used. The narration is lucid and the language is expressive. Time and now there are long monologues that deviate the attention of the reader. The book explores the dark side of politics, love and greed.

The entwining of events has been done in such a way that the author has been able to target multiple audiences at one time. Where Revathi would definitely touch the heart of young readers, Arjun has a spark and mind that only an adult can relate with. The character and life of Siddharth are like icing on the cake because the previous two characters are brought into the light again and the mysterious association between the three, is revealed.

Overall, a fresh and captivating plot served directly from the author’s mind!

Best wishes to the author!

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