September 28, 2015

Book Review: Drizzling dreams by Mansi Tejpal

Drizzling Dreams

Author: Mansi Tejpal
Genre: Poetry collection

Mansi’s “Drizzling dreams” is a collection of 18 poems that have been penned down in a skillful manner. The best part of this poetry book is that the poems are not restricted to one particular topic. The poetess has depicted her ability to think out of the box. The cover of the book is what caught my attention first. The black and white layout with a tinge of red serves as a delight for the eyes. The print quality, paper quality, font used and the artwork used in the end of every poem is remarkable.

The verses or stanzas are easy to understand and have been framed beautifully. The poems have an exclusive depth and reach out for a wider horizon. The poetess has been successful in putting forward her perspective. Perhaps the poetess has gone over all the topics with a fine-tooth comb and eventually has gotten down to a fine art.

Some of the poems, especially the ones that personified something, say candle fumes or colors, touched my heart. Reading between the lines, I was able to relate and comprehend. Drizzling Dreams is not only about positivism but also describes our deepest fears and other pessimistic elements like distance, solitude and darkness.

Most of the poems do not follow any particular rhyme scheme. While some of them are based on AABB rhyme scheme. The placement of light and dark topics adjacent to each other, for example, dealing with hunger-food (light) and deepest fears (distance), is exemplary.

Overall, a good read with enjoyable collection of poems!
Grab your copy soon.

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