August 25, 2015

Book Review: Siamese, if you please by Jenn DiCamillo

Siamese, If you please

Author: Jenn DiCamillo
Genre: Children book

Area A: Text
The text has been organized in simple sentences. ‘Imagery’ has been opted as the literary tool and it will definitely cater to the interest of the little children. The way the different cats have been described will compel the children to form an image in their minds and relate with the story better. Each page ends on a ‘curious’ note and the child will be tempted to read further.

Area B: Illustrations
The cover of the book neatly presents the main conflict of the plot. The Siamese cat illustrated on the cover page gives an idea about how Siamese look like. The primary medium used in illustrations is drawing. However, clearer illustrations would have been better. The drawing of Anna has been repeated throughout a majority of the illustrations and this can help the children to understand her emotional switching and the change in mood and tempo of the story.

Area C: Characterization
The main character of the story is Anna and the most dominant trait that can be identified is her innocence and her desire to get a kitten. She lets her mother choose and does not grumble at any point of time. The author of the book has brought in the positivity of the character, which will, in turn, help in shaping up the minds of the young readers. Like every other child, Anna wants a kitten. At a young age, everyone wants a pet. This story about finding the right pet ant bringing it home will definitely interest the children.

Overall, an interesting book for the children!

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  1. Yes, looks like an interesting book that children would love!