August 01, 2015

Book Review: We're corporates by Sudarsan Nagarajan

We’re corporates

Author: Sudarsan Nagarajan
Publisher: Blackbuck Publications
Rating: 2/5

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. True, isn’t it? But what happens when the work that you do, turns out to be second-rate? ‘We’re corporates’ by Sudarsan Nagarajan is one such tale of three people, all belonging to different strokes of life but caught in the whirlpool of a stressful job and ruthless superiors. The plot revolves around the lives of three major protagonists- Ajay, who decides to quit his job in IT company, for settling for something permanent, Meghna, who decides to leave her job as she finds herself on the fence and Suraj, who gets fired from his company owing to recession. The book describes how life unfolds for all three of them and how they cross each other’s path. Will their decisions prove out to be successful or will they come to a bad end?

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My opinion
‘We’re corporates’ is an inspirational novella that makes the reader realize the importance of dreams and encourages the reader to overcome the state of being in a quandary and make some important decisions in life.
The author has done justice with the description of all the three major characters. The cover of the book is simple yet apt. The blurb says a lot more than it should. The plot of the story is predictable. The narration is simple, but the use of incomplete statements/ dialogs makes the text ambiguous.
Overall, an enlightening plot!
Grab this book if you are looking for motivation, encouragement and some positive boost in life!

There are editing/ syntactical/ punctuation errors on almost every page. The book lacks proofreading. The sentences are incomplete and there is a problem in the tense. One of the major drawbacks is the confusion in the description of the sideline characters like Ajay’s daughter, who is said to be two years old in the very first chapter and in the very next chapter she has been described as a newborn.

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