July 30, 2015

Book Review: S.O.A.R by Abir Mukherjee

S.O.A.R (Success over adversity reigns)

Author: Abir Mukherjee
Publisher: Frog Books, Leadstart Publishing
Rating: 4/5

About the Author
Abir Mukherjee was born and brought up in Bardhaman, a small town of West Bengal. He is currently based in U.S.A having completed more than 8 years as an IT Professional. He has completed his B.E. in computer science and engineering in 2005 and started working in different software MNCs. ‘S.O.A.R’ is his second novel. Blackbuck Publication has published his first novel, ‘As Life Has No Undo’.
He loves to sketch and write in his spare time. He writes to entertain people, not to teach them how to live life, how to be successful in life or any other philosophical lessons.

‘S.O.A.R’ is a tale about life, love, and friendship. The plot revolves around Adhyayan and his two other friends, Uday and Rajasekaran. The three friends struggle in their lives and finally end up starting a new venture that has not been implemented and thought about. Yes, there is a risk, but the trio decides to give it a shot and convert all the odds in their favor. SOAR is the journey of these three friends. It is a journey filled with love, trust, hope, dreams, relationships, and friendship. The present jobs bulldoze the three friends into entering into a business proposal that has never been experimented before. Call it the callous Indian market or the capricious destiny, the success of any new business cannot be determined. Adhyayan, Uday and Rajasekaran experience the same plight. They face initial investment problems and then undergo blamestorming. But eventually they get down to brass tacks and try to solve the complications in their lives. Not only do they suffer at the hands of the Indian market, but they also suffer at the personal front. The plot targets some of the social issues, still prevalent in the society. Will the three friends be able to successfully snatch the victory from the jaws of death or will destiny mold their lives in a way which none of them can imagine?

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My opinion
To know what life is worth, you have to risk it once in a while. S.O.A.R is one such journey where the lives of three friends, is put at stake and their friendship is tested. No one can play with destiny. But when there is a strong will and determination, then everything is possible. The author has done a commendable job in portraying the characters of the story. The cover of the book is mesmerizing. However, the title is not catchy. The language is lucid and proofreading is fine. The blurb is, however, too descriptive. It spills the beans before the reader and this reduces the suspense factor.

The best part of the story is that the descriptions are not overstretched and a constant pace is maintained. The dialog delivery is done beautifully such that the reader is able to visualize the scenes in his/ her subconscious mind. The book is a quick read and has all the essential elements that make it a good one.

Overall, good effort by the author.

Best wishes!

There are some punctuation mistakes. The title could have been better.

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