July 27, 2015

Book Review: The Maut-e-maticians by Nikhil Uprety

The maut-e-maticians

Author: Nikhil Uprety
Publisher: Half Baked Beans
Rating: 4/5

About the Author
Nikhil Uprety is currently working as an Asst. Prof. in a private University in Solan. Writing has always been his obsession and it is more than a hobby for him. Inspired by murder mysteries of all times, he has always longed to write one and “ The Maut-e-maticians” is his successful debut novella.
He has corporate experience of 8 years with top MNC in Mumbai. Apart from being an expert in the field of ‘Sales’, he also writes poetry (Hindi) and has contributed in three anthologies in past one year.

“The Maut-e-maticians” is a suspenseful thriller novella. The plot of the novella revolves around a series of murders that happen in the Rising Star Institute of Engineering and Technology. The only key to solving the mysterious murders is the geometrical clues left by the killer. The cops beat their brains out to solve this puzzle, but all their efforts fail. The strangest part is that only the faculties of the mathematics department face the brutal assassination. ACP Abhijeet is in charge of the case and he, along with his team, try hard to decode what seems like Chinese arithmetic. Will the killer be identified before it is too late? How are the murders interrelated?
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My opinion
“The less you reveal, the more people can wonder.” “The Maut-e-matician” is a fast paced novella with a spoonful of mystery, a spoonful of excitement, a spoonful of trauma and a spoonful of amazement, making it a complete thriller package. The cover of the book is apt. The language is expressive and lucid. The author has done a wonderful job in portraying every character. Nowhere in the story does the reader feel bored.
The character of ACP Abhijeet has been portrayed as an energetic and firm cop with balanced intelligence and smartness. The sequence of events is perfect. How the ACP comes to grips with his inability to solve the mystery, has been described finely.
Overall, a page turner novella with reverent imagining and intense and vivid storyline.
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There are some typos and proofreading errors. The character of Mitali could have been described a little more.

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