July 30, 2015

First few days here and I have started liking this place!

“I feel like I have a new life and I'm going to take full advantage of it.”

I moved to Bangalore 20 days back. Unlike what I already knew about Bangalore, there were many new things that I didn’t know about. When you walk on the streets, the ambience smells of Gajra flowers. Probably, people like to wear ‘gajra’ a lot and no doubt it looks magnificent. This city nowhere resembles an IT city. Owing to the numerous traffic jams, the roads, the chaos on the streets and the accommodations, the “IT fame” is just a myth. Time and again you can spot people talking in a non-lucid language and the only thing that reaches to your eardrum clearly, is ‘ille’. The vegetable vendors count in Telegu. Even the beggars speak English. You can spot foreigners frequently. But the strange thing that I noticed was that these people do not seem to mingle with Indians. Instead they prefer being in their own merry world, with their fellow mates. The traffic is horrendous as you have to keep looking left-right-left-right while crossing the road. Probably the “Banglorians” do not know how to use a ‘horn’.

But even then I am falling in love with this city. May be because of the weather or 24*7 electricity provision, or may be because I get to explore new things and new people. Adjusting here is not a cakewalk and will definitely take time. With my partner-in-crime off to work, I have nothing more to do than to read books, write articles and review content. Guilty pleasure? Hell yes!


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  1. well probably for a book lover... there isn't any thing better than a good window to sit by and a nice flow of breeze. Bangalore is certainly one of the best places to live....... one more thing which you'd know in recent future is the non aggressive nature of the locals with an exception of auto/tuk tuk drivers. Weather in Bangalore is to die for........