September 28, 2017

Book Review: Tell Me Your Real Story by Savita Nair

Tell Me Your Real Story
Poet: Savita Nair
Genre: Poetry collection
Publisher: Leadstart Publishers (Virgin Leaf Books)

‘Tell Me Your Real Story’ is a lyrical journey of living, loving, and losing. With this poetry collection, the poetess has thrown light on various aspects of life- it complexities and pleasures. This is a collection of 57 poems. With simple and easy-to-understand language, the poetess has demonstrated her prowess in expressing emotions with influential and impactful words. Weaving enjambment in most of her poems, the poetess focuses on conveying the message rather than maintain a proper rhyme scheme. Hence, most poems end up being a free verse.

Some of the most basic topics have been touched upon in this book and it is delightful to read and relate to the situations. The poetess has done a commendable job in portraying all the emotions of the human mind. However, I wished for a proper and shorter title and a more captivating cover design.

The use of vocabulary and language is simple yet influential. The poetess’ selection of words to describe the emotional turmoil is remarkable. Some of the uncommon topics touched by the poetess are an Average individual, boiling tea, revenge, pride, mean and impolite people around and cautious mind.

The book is a good read because of the simplicity with which the emotions were expressed and fomented.
Best wishes to the poetess!

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