Review policy

Reviewing is not an easy task. Be it a book or a product or a movie, it takes immense patience and critical observation skills to identify the drawbacks in the midst of perfect presentation.

Here are some fun facts and some not-so-fun-facts about my reviewing and the policies that come along:

Ø Science fiction
Ø Satire
Ø Drama
Ø Action and Adventure
Ø Romance
Ø Mystery
Ø Horror
Ø Guide
Ø Travel
Ø Children's
Ø Science
Ø Anthologies
Ø Poetry
Ø Cookbooks
Ø Series
Ø Trilogies
Ø Biographies
Ø Autobiographies
Ø Fantasy

**In case the genre, for which you want a review, is not listed here, then do contact via email.

Ø Paperback
Ø Hardcover
Ø E books (with a maximum page count of 150) (subject to availability of time)

**Signed copies and paid reviews will get a preference over other books. I will review such copies on special priority.

Ø Once I receive the review copy, I will inform the concerned author about the same. It will take between 10-15 days to review a book.
Ø In case you opt for unpaid review, the review will be posted on my personal blog (Yes, this one) and on any two online portals, on which the book is available
Ø However, in case you opt for paid review, the review will be first published in some of the online e magazines (where I am a regular contributor). After a week’s time, I will publish the same review on my personal blog, followed by all the available online portals
Ø The review may or may not have criticism, depending upon the content
Ø The views expressed, will be my very own and they will not (in any case) be influenced by the author or the publishing house
Ø I am open to hosting guest blogs, performing author interviews, and conducting promotions/giveaways
Ø I will give my feedback solely based on honesty and integrity that I believe in
Ø Any form of criticism in my review will be for the book itself and no offense will be intended to the author or the publication house

In my reviews, you will generally find:
Ø Title of the book
Ø Publishers
Ø Rating
Ø Book image
Ø About the author (in some cases)
Ø Summary of the plot
Ø My opinion
Ø Drawbacks (if any)
Ø Links to buy the book

**The format of the review can change, keeping intact the above mentioned sub-headings but adding some additional fun stuff.

If you want me to initiate a giveaway or a blog tour, then please inform me on a prior basis, indicating the number of copies you are willing to give away.

All of my published material is under copyright. Therefore, I appreciate you contacting me prior to replication of any written material on my website.
In case of any doubt/query/question/suggestion/feedback/criticism, please contact me via email/ facebook.

**I am not a frequent user of Twitter.

Hoping to connect with you and your books.

Happy reading!

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