March 31, 2017

Types Of People We Encounter At Workplace

Be it in a corporate office or a government office, we can’t ignore the accidentally on purpose behaviour of some people. Even though the majority of people claim to be independent and broad-minded, we can’t ignore the people who are unable to keep their tongue under the grip of their mind. As a result, they throw indirect insults and taunts that definitely hurt the sentiments of their colleagues or friends. Here is a checklist that describes the kinds of people we all meet at our workplace:

1.   The DIY Lady
She has a recipe for anything and everything. Be it using ready-made Cottage Cheese or Lipstick, she will guide you to make it yourself at home and then leave you with sore ears after lecturing about how Doing-it- yourself is always more beneficial.

2.   The Child-Lovers
No matter what, these will not refrain from asking you about your family planning and how you intend to go about it. They will also make it totally embarrassing for you to sit near them because all they will do is stare at your stomach and breasts.

3.   The All-credits
For anything and everything that happens well in your life, they will be the one asking for credits.  According to them, all good vibes in your life exist because of their presence.

4.   The Bossy-old male/female
No, don’t get me wrong; this one is not the boss. This one is the sub-boss. He/She is the one who has been in that place for over a decade and has the know-how of how the system functions. He/She will know all solutions to the problems that can come in his/her way.

5.   The Gossipmonger
This one is a complete chatter box and believes strictly in the saying-‘Live and don’t let others live’. Her/His nonstop conversations will either drive you up the wall or make you miss all your deadlines.

6.   The Rumour Queen/King
These people are the ones who can be heard shouting ‘Fire on the mountain- run, run, run!’ They believe in making a mountain of a molehill. Irrespective of the truth, they spread the news like wildfire.

7.   The Ghajini type
These people have a short-term memory loss problem. They ask you about something on one day and then keep on asking the same question for the next few days.

8.   The armchair critic
This person gives advice based on theory rather than practice. He/ she has to comment on anything and everything. The most common dialogue used by him/her begins like this- “If I had been in your position…”.

9.  The one who calls a spade a spade
We all love this person and admire the confidence and honesty, but at times this person goes overboard and lands in the puddle of trouble. Sadly, no one comes to his/ her rescue then.

10.                     The dog in the manger
This person can’t stand people around him/ her enjoy anything. He/ she finds means to make others feel miserable and doesn’t leave any stone unturned to spoil the mood.

11.                     The marriage counselor

Last but not the least is the marriage counselor. We all have met many. He/ she can be spotted in every office/ workstation. He/ she is so bothered about your marital status that he/she can put your parents to shame. 

It is true that we all encounter these people at some point in our life. But the worst part is that we cannot get rid of them. And on this note, I can't help but think of the old song

"Kuch to Log Kahenge, Logon ka kaam hai kehna..."

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March 21, 2017

Things only ONION lovers can relate to!

An onion can make people cry, but there has never been a vegetable invented to make them laugh.

There are three kinds of people in this world- one, who love onions; two, who hate onions and three, who do not care about onions. I belong to the first category. This post is not a result of an intensive research. Instead, it is the outcome of my crazy mind and my urge to write a blog post.

With a varying value, onions form the major part of our staple diet. Our food is incomplete without the Allium cepa L. It can definitely make us cry- while peeling the layers off and when there is a price increase and it can add to the taste as well. Here are some scenarios which all onion lover can relate to:

1.   We all love the leftover onions in the plate when we order ‘Onion Parantha’

2.   Whichever vegetable it is, we always find ways to add onions to it

3.   When ‘Rajma/Chole’ is on the menu, our stomachs can’t be satisfied with just this. We need raw onions.

4.   Pav Bhaji is accompanied with Onion Rings (always)

5.   Onion also has medicinal uses. It helps students to fake fever and bunk school

6.   Admit that Onion is the only vegetable that is easy to wash and peel and cut.

7.   Almost all food items can be made with onions.


8.   Onion vinegar, Nimbu pyaaz, Onion-rock salt and Onion cheese rings are some onion combinations that everyone has at least tasted once

9.   And not to forget, Onion Pakodas!


10.   Did I forget to mention ‘Ghee ka pyaaz’ and Chapati?

That’s all about Onions! Keep eating Onions and make Onions proud. 

March 20, 2017

Book Review: No Longer Caged by Vibha Nasheen

No Longer Caged
Author: Vibha Nasheen
Publisher: Author Paradise
Rating: 3.5/5

We all have been modeled using the same clay yet we all are so different. It takes a lot of courage to accept the differences of others and be contented with it. Unlike the conventional trend of writing romance, ‘No Longer Caged’ has an intriguing plot. With lucid narrative and expressive dialogues, the authoress has successfully presented the content.

‘No Longer Caged’ is a story that revolves around Nakul, who is differently abled. Verbally not very strong, the character of Nakul shapes well with his writing skills. The clich├ęd ideology of everyone leaving your side when you have a disadvantage is showcased in this story when all the near and dear ones of Nakul abscond. It is only in Rishabh’s friendship where Nakul finds solace. But a sudden turn of events makes Nakul stop dead in the tracks. He is jailed and when he is no longer caged, the last gift from his dear friend is what actually releases him from the chains (figuratively).

The character sketch has been done right but lacks depth. The cover of the book is catchy and suits the storyline.  The title is apt. The proofreading is good, font/style/quality is good.

Good effort done by the author.

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March 04, 2017

Book Review: What is your true zodiac sign? By Greenstone Lobo

What Is Your True Zodiac Sign?

Author: Greenstone Lobo
Publisher: Celestial Books
Rating: 3.5/5

“Some things in life are too complicated to explain in any language.”
― Haruki Murakami

Yes, there are things in life that are too complicated to explain in layman language and in such case Astrology comes to our rescue. Who wouldn’t have heard of Linda Goodman? Who wouldn’t have referred to Bejan Daruwala’s horoscopes? Everyone reads horoscopes even if they do not believe in the science. Greenstone Lobo’s ‘What is your true zodiac sign?’ is a book that will serve the reading buds of all those who want to delve into the astrological science even more. 

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Book Review: Beneath a rougher sea by Susmita Bagchi

Beneath a rougher sea

Author: Susmita Bagchi
Publisher: Jufic Books (Leadstart Publishers)
Rating: 3.5/5

“Calling it lunacy makes it easier to explain away the things we don't understand.”
― Megan Chance, The Spiritualist

The science of psychiatry has been accompanied by varied misbeliefs and misconceptions. It is never considered a good option to go to a psychiatrist or a counsellor, for people make a botch of it. People abstain from signing on a dotted line when it comes to a mental disability of inefficiency. ‘Beneath a rougher sea’ is a literary feat that is quite different from the usual love tales.

‘Aditya’ is a psychiatrist who believes in working ethically and honours his work. His better half, Prachi, is his support system and their personalities perfectly complement each other. The author has done an intensive research about the types of cases that the psychiatrists handle and what complications await them. The number of characters in the story is limited and the readers can understand them better. 

The story revolves around the life of Aditya, who comes at a crossroads- to choose between the reminiscent bump and his job and treat his ex’s son. Deepa’s (Aditya’s ex) entry into Aditya’s life came with a territory. Unlike all the other novellas where the protagonist is intentionally shown weak in the knees just to fit an intimate scene in the book, this novella comes with a different flavor altogether.

With simple, yet effective language, the author struck the right chord and her narration appeals to the readers. and Aditya honored it. Unlike the other fiction novellas, where there are mushy love tales and everything ends in the cloud cuckoo land, this book offers different and enriching content. The book has a personal and emotional touch. With a clear-cut explanation of the medical terms and a valid side story, the novella is interesting. There are editing errors but they can be ignored owing to the strong and gripping plot.

The title of the book is fine. The blurb is apt. Overall, the simplicity of book is what makes it a marvelous feat!

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