March 21, 2017

Things only ONION lovers can relate to!

An onion can make people cry, but there has never been a vegetable invented to make them laugh.

There are three kinds of people in this world- one, who love onions; two, who hate onions and three, who do not care about onions. I belong to the first category. This post is not a result of an intensive research. Instead, it is the outcome of my crazy mind and my urge to write a blog post.

With a varying value, onions form the major part of our staple diet. Our food is incomplete without the Allium cepa L. It can definitely make us cry- while peeling the layers off and when there is a price increase and it can add to the taste as well. Here are some scenarios which all onion lover can relate to:

1.   We all love the leftover onions in the plate when we order ‘Onion Parantha’

2.   Whichever vegetable it is, we always find ways to add onions to it

3.   When ‘Rajma/Chole’ is on the menu, our stomachs can’t be satisfied with just this. We need raw onions.

4.   Pav Bhaji is accompanied with Onion Rings (always)

5.   Onion also has medicinal uses. It helps students to fake fever and bunk school

6.   Admit that Onion is the only vegetable that is easy to wash and peel and cut.

7.   Almost all food items can be made with onions.


8.   Onion vinegar, Nimbu pyaaz, Onion-rock salt and Onion cheese rings are some onion combinations that everyone has at least tasted once

9.   And not to forget, Onion Pakodas!


10.   Did I forget to mention ‘Ghee ka pyaaz’ and Chapati?

That’s all about Onions! Keep eating Onions and make Onions proud. 

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