January 12, 2015

The Notebook of Romance

It's not easy to head off into uncharted waters, but every journey starts with a first step. Fear will keep you from taking that first step, from untying the boat from the dock. Fear will also keep you from making new discoveries. Don't let fear keep you tied up, set sail and see what God has planned for you.
Overrated at times and yet underrated, love is something that goes beyond any form of control, power or influence. It can make you or break you, kill you or make you feel alive all over again. This exceptional emotion with different nuances and layers is about to be unfolded.
The season of love is back and so are we. The third book in the Moonlit Matinee series, 'The Notebook of Romance' takes you on a wonderful journey of the most beautiful feeling in the world through a compilation of 25 heartwarming tales.

Presenting my debut short story, as a part of “The Notebook of Romance”, by Gargi Publishers.

The book is now available for preorders at heavy 25% discount with free shipping and COD on 

Also, have a look at my interview, by Nainika Gautam (Gargi Publishers)

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January 01, 2015

Adios 2-0-1-4

Fait accompli! What has been done, cannot be changed. What hasn’t been done, can be manipulated. Bidding goodbye to 2014 and welcoming 2015 with open heart, is what everybody is ready for. For me, 2014 was a great year. Several new chapters of my life were written during the past year. Starting with my career in writing, to my first contribution to a Literary Organization, my work being recognized at national level, developments and happy beginnings at the personal front, and what not! Also, there were many (infact majority) instances when I was coming apart at the seams, but I have left that all behind and move on. Today, being the very first day of 2015, I have decided to learn from my mistakes, cherry pick the opportunities, leave behind the sorrows, stay in the pink of health and eventually enjoy the wealth.
So many people I have and each one of them played an important role last year. A message for all of them:
To Family: I am the luckiest person to be with you people. When I tried to keep a stiff upper lip, you people understood me and supported me. It was a wonderful year and I am sure 2015 would bring in lots more. I love you mom. I love you Lil’ brother.
To Friends: I always believed that I do not have many friends, but 2014 made me realize, I was wrong. All of you are amazing people. I am as proud as a peacock, to have you in my life. With you all, I made no bones about anything ever. I love you all.
To Foes: I am happy I had you people with me (for some time though). You made me strong, you helped me take a stand. I do not love you, but I do not hate you either. Stay blessed!
As the new book of 2015 opens up and the very first page appears, I hope to make it a better year and abide by the resolutions I make (I wish I can)!!!

ADIOS 2014.