September 28, 2015

Book Review: Drizzling dreams by Mansi Tejpal

Drizzling Dreams

Author: Mansi Tejpal
Genre: Poetry collection

Mansi’s “Drizzling dreams” is a collection of 18 poems that have been penned down in a skillful manner. The best part of this poetry book is that the poems are not restricted to one particular topic. The poetess has depicted her ability to think out of the box. The cover of the book is what caught my attention first. The black and white layout with a tinge of red serves as a delight for the eyes. The print quality, paper quality, font used and the artwork used in the end of every poem is remarkable.

The verses or stanzas are easy to understand and have been framed beautifully. The poems have an exclusive depth and reach out for a wider horizon. The poetess has been successful in putting forward her perspective. Perhaps the poetess has gone over all the topics with a fine-tooth comb and eventually has gotten down to a fine art.

Some of the poems, especially the ones that personified something, say candle fumes or colors, touched my heart. Reading between the lines, I was able to relate and comprehend. Drizzling Dreams is not only about positivism but also describes our deepest fears and other pessimistic elements like distance, solitude and darkness.

Most of the poems do not follow any particular rhyme scheme. While some of them are based on AABB rhyme scheme. The placement of light and dark topics adjacent to each other, for example, dealing with hunger-food (light) and deepest fears (distance), is exemplary.

Overall, a good read with enjoyable collection of poems!
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September 26, 2015

Book Review: A pocket love story by Ajitabha Bose

A pocket love story

Author: Ajitabha Bose
Publisher: Author’s Ink Publishers
Rating: 3/5

‘Love isn’t supposed to be easy, it is supposed to be worth it’. A pocket love story is a quick read for the ones who do not like reading or are short of time. This is a story about Ram, who is an introvert and shy person, and his sweet and simple love story. The book is a pot boiler that servers emotions, love, loss, separation and tranquility on the plate. Will Ram be able to get the love of his life? Or will his nature turn all the odds in his favor?

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 My opinion
The world is losing the count of voracious readers, owing to the busy lives and work pressure. But this book is one that can be finished in half an hour. The book smells of college romance, boy-meet-girl cliché and emotional turmoil faced by them. The author has been successful to a large extent in preparing a savoring potpourri. The cover of the book is catchy, the language is lucid and the dialogs are simple and precise. There is no unnecessary description and no monologues.

However, the book lacks proofreading and time and again you can spot misplaced prepositions. There are syntactical errors as well and the sentences have been left incomplete. The story is fast paced and definitely lives up to the expectations of a ‘pocket book’.

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September 21, 2015

Book Review: Straight from the heart by Rajeev Moothedath

Straight from the heart

Author: Rajeev Moothedath
Rating: 3.5/5

Welcome to the world where people are so much engrossed in the rat race that they have forgotten the difference between what is wrong and what is right. But are people to be blamed alone? Probably not! Even the Organizations and workstations are equally responsible for forcing the people to expose their dark side. The words ethics and morals have lost their essence. “Straight from the heart” is a sincere attempt to clear the air and give a sneak peek behind the veil of myths that people have about the HR professionals. This book is a collection of real life experiences and truths about ‘life in a corporate’. Unlike all the others, it takes great courage and conviction to choose the road of honesty and keep pace with the developments, preserving the ethical values and morals. This book is all about the tasks, the way of working and the principles followed now by the HR professionals. It is not necessary to follow Western culture blindly. Instead, it is important to set boundaries and keep up your work ethics, which will eventually make this profession better and be effective to both the parties- the customers and well the HRs.

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My opinion
“A man without ethics is a wild beast loosed upon this world”.  ‘Straight from the heart’ is a book that should be read by everyone in the corporate sector. While working incessantly for years, we forget which path we are treading on. With time, it does not even matter whether we are right or wrong. It is only when ‘Karma’ hits back, we are remorseful. But isn’t it better to nip the problems in the bud itself? With this piece of literature, the author tries to expose the truth behind the actions of HR professionals and also explains why it is necessary to stay on the right path. Being written by an experienced management professional, this book offers guidance and training. The best part of the book is where the author brings out the root – individualism and discusses its effect on the customer organization relationship.

The language is lucid, the experiences are relatable and the breakdown of the content into different chapters is what binds the interest of the readers. The author has successfully targeted the wrong path and discussed how easy life becomes if we traverse the path of honesty, from the very beginning.

Overall a good book that offers a lot!

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September 15, 2015

Am I holding all the aces?

Do you belong to that category of people who get super excited when they hear about celebs getting into something new? Say, for example, did you have bright eyes and bushy tail when you heard that Sonakshi Sinha is now a singer? Or did you go bonkers when Twinkle Khanna came out with her first debut novella? If yes, then please read this article at your own risk.

These days all I can hear or read about, is about the celebs who are bouncing off the wall and stepping into a field where probably they do not belong. Now, it is not that I am against them for this. But the only thing that blows my fuse is the “undeserved success” these celebs get just because of their name and background. If you still do not agree with me, check out Sonakshi’s debut performance at the IIFA. Just because she cannot be sent back with a flea in her ear, like all the other not-so-famous-middle-class-people, she gets praised and is put on an entirely different pedestal. Just imagine how difficult it is for a common man to get a chance to sing in the IIFA. Not only is he required to shift to Mumbai, struggle for 4-5 years, get the first break and then eventually pay a huge amount (as bribe) to get the honor of performing on the grand stage!

It all began with Shraddha Kapoor and it spread like fire in the Bollywood industry. Alia, Sonakshi and now Sallu Bhai! I wonder who is next!

Probably, the next bumper news will be like- “Shruti Hasan is the new Saroj Khan of Bollywood”. Anyway, the issue that put me in the black mood and forced me to pen down this article is related to the new non-fiction book in the market- “Mrs. Funnybones”. It is written by none other than our Twinkle. I personally love her so much (and I would also like to clear the air: I have no grudges against her and her writing style completely mesmerizes me). But the way her book came out, the way the copies went out of stock and the way people are bragging about the book is weird. It is true that her columns in “Times of India” are exceptional, owning to her sense of humor and the use of satirical punches. But I would just give a simple 3/5 to the book. Yes, it is different from what is already there in the market. But, unlike how funny others found it, I was made to smile only a few times. Probably, my IQ doesn’t go in rhyme with satirical humor!

But the main question here is that if any budding author had come up with an idea of penning down the regular nothings of his/ her life in form of a novel, then would it be as successful as this book? Perhaps, no. Why? Because then the reviewers would have stated that the book lacked the fun element, the language is too simple, the idea is not fresh and things like that. The overall rating of the book would have gone down to 2.5 or 3 on 5 and the effort would have been made in vain.

It is not my business to poke into everyone’s life and tell then to strictly abide by their profession and not opt for any avocation. But this “undeserving fame” makes me depressed. I am working on my debut novella and this forces me to rethink whether or not the book will be liked by the readers because I am no Twinkle nor Yuvraj Singh!! Blimey!!

September 14, 2015

MOCKTALE: Dhoom 3: The joker who owned a "Transformer" bike!!!

Okay folks, I have been a little too busy with the book reviews and I could sense the boring ambience at my blog. So here it is again. DHOOM 3 Mocktailified!!!

What made me watch this movie?
I am a huge fan of John and since the earlier parts of Dhoom created much of a stir among the audience, I could not resist myself from watching this part. Although in my subconscious mind I knew that Amir would not be able to do justice with the lead role, yet I wanted to see it before forming any opinions.

Well, the three hours didn’t go very well and I came out from the theatre like a bear with a sore head. Here is the list of events/ situations/ instances that push this movie into the category of stupidity, rather than certifying it to be a classic of Dhoom Series.

**PS: Pre warning for all those who love Aamir and loved this movie: Please do not read further.

1.   Our Mr. Perfectionist is known for the kind of movies he does, right? So here the directors probably mixed the scripts from “The Dark knight” and “Prestige” and the result was- a clown (the joker) and some magical tricks!

2.   But it is a Dhoom movie, so how can the directors skip out the major element? So, yet again the directors had to ponder for a long time and bring in something from “Transformers” and “Fast and Furious”. And the result was? Yeah, bikes!

3.   But probably Aamir wanted more. And that’s where the real stuff comes in! The bike transforms into a boat, then into a submarine and then again into a boat and then eventually into a bike! Seriously?

4.   What weight does Katrina’s role hold? All she did in the movie was to perform a family-friendly item song (rather striptease), dance in the air with ropes (Tarzan style), fall in love with the twin brother, chew gum, and do everything else apart from acting!

5.   Yet again Abhishek Bachchan is shown lame. His “police” skills are so old fashioned that even the thief gets frustrated and tells him the place and time of the robbery. And guess what- Abhishek still fails!

6.   Coming back to the beginning of the movie, when Aamir robs the bank he goes to the building top and then jumps off. Why the hell is there money in the air? Didn’t he ensure that the zip of his bag was working fine?

7.   What was the reason for robbing the bank? The answer: My father took a loan from the bank. The bank asked to pay back, but my father died. So? So I will take revenge and close the bank. (WTF!!!)

8.   Seriously? Chicago police thinks that Mumbai police is better at solving cases, that too when the track record of Abhishek Bachchan is so good!! (sarcastic!!)

9.   Come on, how can you ride a bike on a rope?

10.                     If you hated “Kick”, starring Salman Bhai, then please watch the “riding the bike on rope” scene (Dhoom 3) again. Kick is far better. Here Aamir manages to cross the railway track just a few nanoseconds before the train is about to hit him. (WTF!!)

11.                     The movie should have been renamed as “तू आगे आगे, मैं पीछे पीछे”. Why? Because there is no robbery shown. In the entire movie, Aamir is running on his “alien” bike and Abhishek is demonstrating his insane skills to catch the thief.

12.                     Even though Abhishek knows about Aamir’s twin brother, the bullet mark and the culprit behind the bank robbery, he prefers to catch the thief red-handed. Now I understand the real importance of the “Chase sequence”.

13.                     The Autorickshaw scene is so “greatly” pictured that even Rajnikant is left bewildered!

There is more to this movie than you can expect. Not only in the major scenes, but the direction has failed because of some silly mistakes as well. For an instance, in the last scene, probably one of the shooters peed in their pants and that’s why decided to wear Pyjamas instead. In another scene where Uday Chopra is shown driving his bike, wearing Aviators, the sunglasses change in the very next scene. Last but not the least, in the last scene when “Bada” Aamir is holding the hand of “Chota” Aamir, the former is holding the latter’s right hand with his left hand. But just after that scene when both of them are shown falling, the former’s left hand is in the right hand of the latter. Confused, eh? Probably this picture would clear the confusion.

Image source:

That all folks!

In short, this movie was a complete failure- not only in terms of good plot but also acting. 

September 13, 2015

Book Review: I dream of Clyde Monro by D. Everett Newell

I dream of Clyde Monro

Author: D. Everett Newell
Genre: Poetry collection

D. Everett Newell’s “I dream of Clyde Monro” is a collection of short poems. The poet has shown versatility in penning down a variety of poems that one can relate with. There are poems about his friends, poems on relationships, poems on solitude and poems written with a hint of revolutionary spark. The poems are simple yet they have been written in a language that carries the readers through an experience that pleases the heart.

Some of the best poems are “Halloween World”, “The Iron Brigade” and “Lake Ontario”. There is no particular Rhyme scheme used but still the lines leave a lasting touch. The strongest point in this book is the vision of the poet, due to which he has been able to paint the picture of his life in words. Every poem has a backstory- in some the poet has pointed out the dedication while other have been left for the readers to predict.

The language is lucid while the expression is clear in most of the poems. However, in some poems the meaning remains hidden behind the veil of words.

Overall, this book contains true life experiences and glimpses of important moments in the life of the poet. Not only this poetry collection promises to touch your heart but also guarantees some good literary pieces.

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Book Review: Hey Dad! Meet my mom by Sandeep Sharma & Leepi Agarwal

Hey Dad! Meet my mom

Author: Sandeep Sharma & Leepi Agarwal
Publisher: Gargi Publishers
Rating: 4/5


True love quote. ‘Hey Dad! Meet my mom’ is a tale about love, hope and trust. The novella depicts love as a force that makes miracles happen. The story revolves around Puneet, who is an introvert by nature and has fallen, head over heels, in love with Myra. But wait! The plot is not so simple. The real turn of events begins when Rishi, who calls himself Puneet’s child, enters the scene. Though the initial few meetings of the father-son duo do not go in sync. With time, Puneet grows fond of his son. Little does he realize that Rishi constantly tries to bulldoze him into doing what he wants.

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September 10, 2015

Book Review: The saga of romance by Basanta K. Behera

The saga of romance

Author: Basanta Kumara Behera
Genre: Poetry collection

Basanta Kumara’s “The saga of romance” is a collection of short poems that range from Rhyming couplets, Quatrains, Senryu to Tanka, Haiku and free verse. The book is a slender volume for a life’s work and there is something soothing about all the poems. The poet has portrayed great variation in the rhyme scheme and the tone of the poem. Although all the poems talk about love, each poem touches our heart.

The poems are simple yet they have been written in a language that carries the readers through an experience that threatens to overwhelm. The lines not only manage difficulty but also project something new out of it. Say, for example, the poem titled ‘Love look’ which is a Senryu, has such beautiful lines that linger in your mind for a long time. The grandeur of these lines makes the feeling of anger go away in a jiffy. The comparison of candles with humans is commendable. Similarly, the lines “Float like a Lotus in the center of my heart with a little smile” leave a lasting impact.

The strongest point in this book is the link with metaphysical attachment and that binds the readers. When you are reading any poem, you can actually feel the depth of the words because you find it connected to your own life.

Why read these poems? Because they will touch your soul and change your perception. Moreover, read these poems because they are addressed to you!

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September 08, 2015

Book Review: Spilling down the wine glass by Pushpendu Mondal

Spilling down the wine glass

Author: Pushpendu Mondal
Publisher: Rumour Books India
Rating: 4/5

What happens when politics gets mixed with love? Yes, it turns dirty! ‘Spilling down the wine glass’ is a pot-boiler, with all the necessary elements of love, greed, emotions, politics and revenge. The plot is new and revolves around the lives of three major characters- Revathi, Siddharth and Arjun. The story is set into motion with the murder of the Chief Minister. The culprit escapes. But what follows next is a series of political murders that puts everyone on the edge of their seat. What makes the readers jump out of their own skin is the twist in the story where the life of these three people gets linked with politics. Will these three be able to speak their mind and take a stand or will they be cornered like the rest?

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My opinion
“As long as greed is stronger than compassion, there will always be suffering”. “Spilling down the wine glass” is a page-turner, with an engaging plot and well-crafted characters.  The author has beautifully portrayed the characters of Revathi, Arjun and Siddharth. The blurb is so apt and catchy that it forces the reader to browse through the pages and get to know what is happening.

The cover of the book is mesmerizing. But the major drawback in the book is the font used. The narration is lucid and the language is expressive. Time and now there are long monologues that deviate the attention of the reader. The book explores the dark side of politics, love and greed.

The entwining of events has been done in such a way that the author has been able to target multiple audiences at one time. Where Revathi would definitely touch the heart of young readers, Arjun has a spark and mind that only an adult can relate with. The character and life of Siddharth are like icing on the cake because the previous two characters are brought into the light again and the mysterious association between the three, is revealed.

Overall, a fresh and captivating plot served directly from the author’s mind!

Best wishes to the author!

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September 02, 2015

Book Review: KLASS by Prita Yadav


 Author: Prita Yadav
Publisher: White Falcon Publications
Rating: 3.5/5

“Anything that gets your blood racing is probably worth doing”. KLASS is one such journey where the passion and spirit are unveiled and the burning desire to prove one’s worth is brought forth. The story revolves around Jo or Jolene Jordan, who has been compelled by her father to join KLASS, which is one of the most successful sports school in Maharashtra. Jo decides against the wishes of her father and wears the cloak of pretension. She projects herself as a rude, barbarian, impulsive and moody child, who prefers to be left alone. Little does anybody know that she does all this to avenge her father. However, her life experiences a twist and turn of events when she is made to choose a sport and is caught between the horns of a dilemma.
But life does not always go according to what you decide. Tables are turned and Jo changes. What made Jo change her attitude? Did she restore her relationship with her father? To know more, dive into Jo’s world and get a sneak peak of KLASS.

My opinion
KLASS is all about dreams, passion, determination, revenge, hope and relationships. The cover of the book could have been made more interesting. The title is good. I personally liked the title because I could relate it with ‘Class’ (homophony). Although the plot has endless instances where the reader is left amazed/ surprised, the blurb lacks the ‘element that would urge the reader’ to read the book.
The plot of the book is somewhat similar to ‘Wildchild’, starring Emma Watson. But the twist and turns introduced by the author are commendable. The language is simple and the narration binds the readers. Few chapters were pitched in unnecessarily.

The character sketch of Jo, Teju, Angus and Rino are perfect. The author has been able to successfully make the readers relate the story with their own lives.

Overall, a good- inspirational book that not only takes you to whole new level of chasing your dream but also stresses upon and addresses the social issue of ‘rejection of female child’.

Best wishes to the author!

There are syntactical and printing errors in the book. The cover of the book could have been made better.

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(Book Review first published in IWW online magazine)

Review copy courtesy: Prita Yadav and Kamal Paneru (Thanks guys :) )