September 27, 2017

Book Review: Aryaveer by M. J. Williams

Author: Mary J. Williams
Rating: 3/5

We all have heard and read the stories of mythological heroes- the stories that portrayed how a woman’s influence transformed the malevolent hero into a benevolent one. ‘Aryaveer’ is no different. It narrates the story of ‘Aryaveer’ who is trained and taught to be ruthless; who has been asked to shed all inhibitions and walk on the path of blood and hatred and who abides by the laws of honesty and integrity. But his days of terror do not last long, for Meera who is adorned with the beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, walks into his life and changes the course of actions.

Meera’s subtle yet evocative personality is something to look up to in the book. The journey of the two occupies major space in the book and the last part is all about contemplating situations, taking decisions and acting accordingly.

With clear narratives, ‘Aryaveer’ does not fail to intrigue the readers. At the same time, it leaves them disheartened too because of lack of action in the book. The language is simple yet impactful. Overall, the story is old and clich├ęd; it is like serving the old wine in a new bottle.

One-time-read is what I would classify this one as.

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