May 12, 2016


It is time to acknowledge all those who helped me make this happen. The cover of ‘Unbounded Trajectories’ is out. After days of hard work, patience and perseverance, the UT team has finally put up a good show altogether. 

To start with, my sincere thanks goes out to all these wonderful people:

Harsh: Ah! My Precious! Right from the editing till the designing of the cover and the selection of appropriate title, you have been my constant support. We are definitely thick as thieves.

Shantanu & Nitish: My two lovely brothers! If only you two had taken me seriously and had helped with Photoshop, this book would have been completed one month back. But still, thanks for all the love.

Ratnadip Acharya Sir: Thank you sir for all the help with Grammar and formal English. Your motivation helped in moving the wheels of this project forward.

Himani Gupta Di: Thanks for your prompt response and for giving feedback on the book.

Supriya Mam: I cannot express how grateful I am to have received your feedback on the stories and poems. It means a lot to all of us.

Dr. Kanwal Sharma: Sir, the entire team of UT is thankful to you for giving us your valuable time and writing the preface of this book.

Nikhil Sharda Sir: I was sure that you wouldn’t deny my request for the foreword. Thank you so much sir. Probably, I can promise more reviews for your website now. You made this happen.

Kumar Vikrant Sir: ‘The guy behind successful promotions of the book’, yes, that is what I would address you as. Thank you, sir, for the never ending help.

Irfan Ali: Another enthusiast who isalways ready to help, be it the graphics or the video promotion. Thanks a lot.

Tejaswini mam: I can’t thank you enough. I know I bother you a lot- in school, on Whatsapp and now on Facebook. But I couldn’t help it. You are my mentor and your precious help is what I needed the most. Thank you, mam.

And last but not the least, this would not have been possible without the contributions of my fellow contributors. You are all wonderful people. Kudos to the UT Team!

PS: I could not write this acknowledgement in the book so this became my Letterpad.

Regards and best wishes



  1. Replies
    1. Thank you. Do read the stories. I am sure they will touch your heart.

  2. Congrats Enakshi and thank u for the acknowledgement

  3. Now this is some fascinating work. Many congratulations!

  4. Big Congratulations!!
    Its an amazing feeling to hold your own book... someday I will live my dream too.
    All the best with your book!

  5. Congratulations!! It's indeed been a pleasure knowing you and thankyou for those kind words dear...