May 17, 2016

Book Review: Hues of Modern Love by Paras

Hues of Modern Love

Author: Paras
Publisher: Author’s Ink Publishers
Rating: 1.5/5

“Hues of Modern Love” is a story that attempts to explain the difference between the actual meaning of Love and the one that is being interpreted these days. Love is not restricted to physical intimacy but it is also a sublime connection with the soul of the other person. The plot revolves around three people, who become friends during a journey. Their conversation takes a different turn and they disclose secrets that had been buried in their past.

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My opinion
It is true that you can’t make an Omelette without breaking the eggs. Similarly it is impossible to make important changes without causing some unpleasant effects. ‘Hues of modern love’ speaks about the difference in the perception of love. The author has taken into account the very minute details of the life of the three main characters and has portrayed them finely. The story runs at a comfortable pace but there are some awkward pauses that can confuse the readers.

The cover of the book is subtle enough to break the ice between the content and the readers. The print quality is fine. I, however, could not figure out the target audience for the book.

The major drawback in the book is that of content presentation and editing. The are numerous grammatical errors. The author has completely ignored the importance of getting his work proof read by a professional editor. The switch from first person to second person is fuzzy. Moreover, the tense usage is baffling. There is no distinction between quoted dialogues and monologues.

The book fails to leave a better first impression, for the very first chapter lacks substance. The plot is weak and the book fails to qualify as a great literary feat.

Overall, an average read!

The major drawback in this book is the lack of flow in the story and inappropriate proofreading. For an instance, the story is written in a combination of first person as well as third person and this leaves the readers befuddled. Although there is lucidity in the expression, the grammatical errors nullify the advantage. The grammatical are too many to be ignored.

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