March 28, 2018

Book Review: Making a Poem by Vihang A. Naik

Making a Poem
Author: Vihang A. Naik
Genre: Poetry collection
Publisher: Author Press

Vihang Naik’s “Making a Poem” is a collection of several poems written in a skilful manner. The best part of this poetry book is that the poems are not restricted to one particular topic. A protracted process, composing a poem is not an easy task. The poet has presented the various segments that become a part of the process of writing a poem. A colossal amount of thinking and a superfluous flow of words are not enough to express ideas on paper. Categorized into different stages like ‘Are you looking for the poet?’, ‘A poet as a young man’, ‘Making a poem’, ‘A poet comes alive’ and ‘A poet’- this book explores the surfeit of emotions.

The cover of the book is apt and nice. However, I could not ignore the awkward spaces between lines and the missing capitalization in many poems. For me, that is a grammatical error (but in case that was done on purpose, I would love to know more about it).

The verses or stanzas are easy to understand and have been framed beautifully. The poems have an exclusive depth and reach out to a wider horizon. The poet has been successful in putting forward his perspective. Perhaps the poet has gone over all the topics with a fine-tooth comb and eventually has gotten down to a fine art.

Most of the poems do not follow any particular rhyme scheme. The free verse doesn’t fail to impress. I wished, however, that the book’s title were more interesting.

Overall, a good read with an enjoyable collection of poems!

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