April 18, 2017

MY READING SHELF: #1 The Mill On The Floss- George Eliot

This book is one of the finest works of George Eliot. Being one of the classics, this story explores the complexities of a woman psychology. Maggie is the protagonist who shares a very unpredictable relationship with her family. Where on one hand her mother is always scolding her for her messy hair and is keen on comparing her with other cousins, Maggie has an impetuous father, who empathizes with Maggie and takes her side when need be. The relatives despise the father because he spent all the money in getting the education and did not care about the family. But Maggie understands her dad. But this is nothing.

There are more complex issues in Maggie's life as she grows older. Her relationship with her brother gets severed but she makes numerous attempts to sort things out.

With simple language but too much to read between the lines, George Eliot has presented a work of fiction that aces the test. I came across an extract from the same book (published in Gulmohar) and I couldn't help but read the complete book. Such simple language can have such deep impact!

An old classic worth every minute.

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