February 20, 2017

Book Review: The Mind Game by Devika Das

The Mind Game

Author: Devika Das
Publisher: PepperScript
Rating: 4/5

Confucius has correctly said- Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. It is the greed and the desire to have more that make the humans answer for their deeds. Happiness is not in achieving big things but it can be found in every little thing that happens around you. ‘The Mind Game’ is a sincere attempt by Devika Das to throw light on the delicate and hidden threads that hold the life together. ‘It is all in the mind’- is what plays a pivot role in the book. This is a non-fiction read that offers an insight into the complicated mesh inside our brains; the reasons why it becomes difficult for us to live happily and be contended.

Unlike the other non-fiction books that base the explanations on the real-life experiences, this one comes with lots of theories and philosophy. But the blend of day-to-day situations with logical explanations leads to interesting reading.

‘The Mind Game’ offers different yet enriching content and the authoress has taken care to not write about different aspects in broad strokes only; she has taken a deeper plunge and has successfully reached out to the readers. The book has a personal, emotional, humorous as well as spiritual touch. With a subtle cover and an apt blurb, the title of the book gives an impression of a murder mystery. It is only after one reads the blurb that the theme of the book is revealed. The Illustrations and the quotes are fabulous. The font (style and size) is fine.

Overall, the book has something fruitful to offer and is a light read. Give it a try.

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