January 06, 2017

Book Review: Colourful Notions- The Roadtrippers 1.0

Colourful Notions

Author: Mohit Goyal
Publisher: Srishti Publishers
Rating: 3/5

It is rightly said that the world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page. The prowess to do something different is bestowed only upon a few, the rest follow the blind alleyway. In our field, where ‘Romance genre’ has become the new blind alleyway, something out of the box quenches our thirst for something fresh on the platter. And Mohit Goyal has successfully catered to the interest of the reader to a certain extent. Why you may ask? It is because ‘Colourful Notions’ is a book that offers an insight into the lives of people who think like us, the readers. Having excluded the mundane mushy love angle, the author has put in sincere efforts to draft a plot that might be liked by the majority. 

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