September 14, 2016

Book Review: Best Manager by Arjun Thiagaraj

Author: Arjun Thiagaraj
Publisher: Author’s Ink Publishers
Rating: 2.5/5

“Language is the garment of thought.”

And I cannot agree more. A thought that is well expressed and well translated, is in itself a language. And books are our source to learn languages. ‘Best Manager’ offers insight into the lives of Sree Venugopal and Veena, the protagonists, who meet in their workplace. The book has a captivating yet subtle cover and an apt title. 

Amidst coy love and competitive world, these two lovers strive to adjust and give their love a chance to blossom. Every child has to bear the brunt of what the parents expect, but it takes a lot of courage and self- confidence to take a stand and voice out one’s opinion.

With too much use of monologue, the book failed to appeal my inquisitive mind. Although, the issues addressed are really very relevant- dowry system per say, yet the lack of editing and proofreading nullifies the positives of the plot. Lines like ‘My neighbor at my flat’, Studying each of her nature’ and ‘What emotion did her last message has created in me?’ have some of the most basic and common grammatical errors. Even the blurb wasn't edited finely. 

Excess of everything is bad and the parts in the book that preach a lot were boring for me. But just like every coin has a other side too, the plot of this book is its strength. With balanced characters, in terms of their personalities, the author has succeeded in transforming this plot into a gripping story.

Best wishes to the author!

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