November 18, 2015

Book Review: The great journey of discoveries by Eknoor Singh & Saksham Singhal

The Great Journey of Discoveries

Author: Eknoor Singh and Saksham Singhal
Rating: 3/5

Doesn’t it feel good to be lost in the right direction? Yes? Well, the children of today are always on the ball and have that urgent urge of unveiling the mysteries that lie before them. ‘The great journey of discoveries’ is one such journey of a ten year old kid, who decides, against all odds, to give his imagination, wings. He sets out on an adventurous journey. The theme of the story is the discovery of the ‘Obvious facts’ that were not so obvious or rather unknown to mankind then.

This is a children’s book that will suit the interest of the young kids. Grab your copies today to enjoy this expedition filled with fun, thrill, emotions and adventure.

My Opinion
It is really nice to see children penning down stories and poems that reflect the innocence and sincerity. The author duo has done a wonderful job in making the story interesting by not only making the narration expressive but also including the illustrations. Probably every child will love reading this book.

Coming to the technicalities of the book- the cover of the book is colorful and comical. The story goes in a flow and the presence of frequent rhyming words, makes it interesting. The title is suitable. The typeset, font (size, color) and the layout, is catchy. The presence of innocent punches will definitely make children laugh.

However, there are several grammatical and syntactical errors like wrong use of tenses, missing words, punctuation errors. The text is baffling and repetitive. The sentence formation is wrong (even in the blurb- which is more of author biography than the plot summary). The proofreading and editing is not refined and this can act as a negative factor if this is book is used for enforcing reading habit in the kids.

Overall, a great effort by the author duo (the wonder kids)! Best Wishes!

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