June 23, 2014

The cry of joy!

I am not very fond of reading newspaper but whenever I do I am lucky enough to find some good stuff to ponder upon. Recently I read an article titled- "The Eureka moment", and i was quite influenced by it. Each one of has a dream to discover or invent something and gather fame, name and royalty for the same. But developing an idea is not that easy. Well, to be precise, this is not true. Every event from the mundane reality of our lives has something to throw at us and it depends how well we catch things and mould them for our own benefit. Every idea, every inspiration and every initiative is a result of small seed of thought that affects us emotionally and psychologically. Even the most insignificant moments can lead to better actions, just like Newton, who realized the bigger picture of the falling apple and invented the theory of gravity or be it Archimedes, who made this word, "EUREKA" famous by propounding the Displacement Theory. Another most prominent Eureka moment was that of Philo Farnsworth who studied the motion of till and developed an idea for the working of televisions.

The main point here is that we should not wait for the seeds of wisdom or knowledge to get implanted into our heads, but instead scan through the everyday innocuous moments and find our very own cry of joy. It is not that you have missed your Eureka moment, but yes it is high time to reflect upon your ability to think critically and transform all the negative thought into positive ones. Eventually this will become your personal trigger and  widen your pool of thoughts.

It is not true that only the legends or born to be legends have a eureka moment, but everyone of us has the ability to have one. India's struggle for freedom was also begun when Mahatma Gandhi realized his self worth after being thrown out from a train in South Africa. This indeed acted as a trigger and intensified his need for justice and freedom. There are numerous entrepreneurs today, who are sitting comfortably in their AC cabins, having fresh juice and enjoying their eureka moment. So why not you? It high time to start exploring your opportunities and pave way for a seamless lifestyle.

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