January 09, 2017

Book Review: The Kissing Circles by Nitin Tewari

The Kissing Circles
Author: Nitin Tewari
Publisher: Invincible Publishers
Rating: 3/5

“When God pushes you to the edge of difficulty there are two things that can happen- either he will catch you or he will give you wings to fly”. It solely depends upon us how we mould our actions and behaviour and make life worth living.

Life is cruel! Yes, this is true. When everything is going on pretty well and things seem to fall in place, the sudden change of events will, altogether, turn the tables. “The Kissing Circles” is a tale revolving around three friends and their lives (personal, professional, social, love and what not). These three individuals did not excel in academics when they were young and the chickens did come home to roost after they grew up. Nothing comes for free and without hard work and also luck, success won’t fall into your lap. Struggling through the storm of despair and hopelessness, these friends find a ray of hope in Mutthur. Together they are strong but the problems still cannot stay away from them.

Striking the right balance between the characters, the author has done an excellent job with his debutant novella. The vocabulary usage is exemplary but the use of Hindi words and informal tone time and again is a total washout. There are several editing mistakes and that might rankle the readers.

There is not one, not two but multiple perspectives involved in the book. It is definitely confusing but if one reads further, the language and the flow gradually becomes comfortable and palatable. The story is definitely relatable. Yet the lengthy monologues and extended descriptions might turn as a turn-off. The page count of the book could have been reduced easily.

With a not-so-relatable title and a vexing cover, the book might not be well- liked in the very first go. One will have to dig deeper to get the essence of the writing.

Overall, this is a fine read that requires proper refining.

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