May 03, 2016

Book Review: The Real Mission by Pooja A. H.

The Real Mission

Author: Pooja A.H.
Rating: 2.5/5

“The Real Mission” is full of youth and life. The story revolves around Karan Kavarai, the protagonist, who is a handsome young lad who loves biking. The story is about Karan and his siblings, who think they share an unbreakable bond of brother and sisterhood but something is amiss. When Sandheep, Karan’s brother, decides to fix the flaw in the relationship, he and his siblings come face to face with a new challenge. The story tells you about whether or not were the four siblings able to turn the odds in their favour.

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My opinion
‘The Real Mission’ is a typical teenage book. The title of the book is baffling because the overall story focuses very little on the Real Mission. The cover of the book is nice. The font style and size is fine. The blurb is concise and apt. The cover designer(s) ha(s/ve) maintained a perfect balance in allotting space for author introduction as well as the blurb on the back cover of the book; both are quite legible.

The language and narration is lucid but flawed. I personally do not prefer the book in which the author portrays her (him) self as a third person as the use of first person spoils the flow of reading. There are some lengthy paragraphs describing the physical and social traits of the characters; these act as a turn off. The language used is that for the teenagers. But undoubtedly, it is a very good attempt by the authoress. Probably the focus on describing the personality of the characters could have been lesser as lesser is better (in this regard).

The title of the book could have been different because it is only in the last few chapters that the essence of the title can be realized. The novella is fast paced but there are several reading breakers too.

The book lacks proofreading and editing, mostly in the last few chapters. There are some dialogues that are funny and are indeed delightful.

Overall, good effort by the authoress!

The major drawback in the book is the lack of editing and proofreading. Secondly, the inclusion of extensive descriptions makes the content monotonous.

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