May 24, 2016

Book Review: Envisage by Jaydeep Khot


Author: Jaydeep Khot
Rating: 3/5

Power is all that is needed to conquer our deepest fears. Kasak is an ebullient child, who discovers that she is more than just a human. Her ability to predict or rather foresee future enables her to keep the ball in her court. “Envisage” is a clear and simple tale about Kasak and her loved ones. But her powers have a motive. She is destined to solve a mystery that becomes the bane of her life. Will her extraordinary abilities help her solve the biggest problem of her life?

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My opinion
‘Envisage’ is a simple story about a girl who has super powers to foresee the future. The title of the book is catchy. The cover is perfect. The blurb is precise and apt. The author introduction is fine. The font used on the back cover could have been better. The font (size, style) inside the book is fine. The language is lucid and understandable. I would like to compliment the author’s ability to present this piece of fiction in a language that can be understood by everyone.

The plot is gripping; the chapters prove out to be very to-the-point and serve as a quick read. The characterization and the introduction of different characters could have been done more chronologically. This could have prevented the pauses while reading and could have helped the readers to focus on one character at a time. 

The plus point in the book is the smooth flow of the story, the suitability of the titles of the chapters and the simple language. The book lacks proper editing and proofreading as one can encounter punctuation errors, typing mistakes, and incorrect grammar usage. This is a simple story with not many twists and turns. 'A light read' is what I would like to call it. 

Overall, a good and sincere effort by the author!

PS: This rating is only because the author has actually streamlined his thought process and highlighted on ‘Envisage’.

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