May 09, 2016

Book Review: 18 via Teen Be Yourself by Shreyasi Rhittika

18 via Teen Be Yourself

Author: Shreyasi Rhittika
Publisher: Dream House Publication
Rating: 2/5

Teenage years are the years during which each and every teenager is trying to put up a balancing act. But life is not a bed of roses and there might be a fat chance when the odds decide to turn against you. ’18 via teen be yourself’ is a sincere attempt to throw light on those not-so-comfortable incidents that every teen might face. The book has several short but fast paced stories that are sure to make you break out in a cold sweat.

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My opinion
Life is a continuous process but dare you say that everything works like clockwork. It is very difficult (sometimes) to get the ducks in a row and sail smoothly through the floods and tempests. ’18 Via Teen Be Yourself’ is one such book that offers an insight into different stories that have emotions and morals attached to them. The cover of the book is vague. It definitely does not excite the readers. The title seems ambiguous too. It could have been ’18 via Teenage’. The blurb is fine but the excessive use of capitalization and the use of wrong pronouns give an overall negative impact. The font (style, size) is fine. 

There is a motivational quote in the beginning of every story which I liked the most but the credits are missing. Since I received an e copy of the book, I would like to point out the flaw in highlighting. There is no proper highlighting. Somewhere the quotation is highlighted and in other places, text. The stories are fast paced and definitely live up to the expectations of the book. My special favourites include:

Thanks for nothing- story that speaks volumes, strong plot, and stark reality.

Teenage Crush- beautifully executed, title could have been better.

(ache)2O- average story but superb creativity with the title.

The book lacks proofreading and editing. Time and again you can spot grammatical errors, typos and other errors for which I account the author responsible. This is because some of the errors are merely due to ignorance. There are syntactical errors as well and words are missing. The stories are fast paced and definitely live up to the expectations of the book.

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