May 01, 2016

Book Review: Confusingly Interesting or Interestingly Confused by Pravin Rathod

Confusingly Interesting or Interestingly Confused

Author: Pravin R. Rathod
Publisher: Frog books (Leadstart Publications)
Rating: 2.5/5

Friends are gems. Our deepest and darkest secrets are revealed when we sit with our friends and indulge in life discussions. This is a story about four friends, who set out on a trip to Goa. It is there where they spill the beans and reveal some hidden facts about their lives. But all they can conclude is that they are totally confused. Be it love; be it life or be it education, everything has baffled our protagonists. Yes, the plot is twisted just like a spring. But to unravel the mystery and reach the end, you will have to grab a copy of this book as soon as possible!

My opinion
“Confusingly Interesting or Interestingly Confused” is again a love story, or rather a blend of several love stories that have the potential to confuse the readers. The cover of the book is fine. The blurb is apt but the use of grammar and sentence formation is incorrect. Therefore, the book does not score when it comes to the first impression. The title is way too long and absurd. I suggest the use of idioms in such cases when the target is to confuse the readers. Say for example, here the title could have been ‘Our shilly- shally life!’ or something like this. But it could have been shorter. The font (size, style) is fine. The typesetting is okay.

Coming to the story, the plot is average as most of the incidents sound repetitive. The author has successfully delivered the dialogues but then quoting same incidents in a different language does not change them. The pace of the book is extremely slow and there are some unwanted chapters too. Probably sticking around the present lives of the four friends would have done the trick. Acting as a cherry on the cake is the lucid narration and exemplary characterization. Not even once can the reader feel that any particular character is out of place. The author has successfully used his plot to elicit awareness towards certain social evils too.

The major drawback is the inclusion of vague chapters and flaws in editing and proofreading. There are several grammatical errors and incorrect sentence formation.

Overall, a book that will definitely make you relive the good old golden days!

Best wishes to the author!

The title of the book could have been different. There are typos and syntactical errors which can be spotted time and again. The pace of the story is slow. Editing and proofreading have been ignored.

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