May 02, 2016

Book Review: The Crossbow Code by M C Raj

The Crossbow Code

Author: M.C. Raj
Publisher: Panther House Paper & Digital Publications
Rating: 3.5/5

The news of Pope’s death creates a stir in the environment. Kris is held responsible for the mishap and is questioned by the police. But he manages to escape and then returns to Pope after which the Pope is found poisoned to death. The fingers are pointed at Kris, but is he really a terrorist and the murderer?

Days later when Kris reaches Mumbai, he finds the involvement of Mohandas in his escapade. But also, there is someone who wants him dead. Why? He does not know. The chain of events lead him to Germany and he leaves no stone unturned to find out the answers to these questions: Who killed the Pope? What is the connection between these countries?

Grab this book to unravel the mystery behind the identity of the protagonist- Kris!

My opinion
Enthralling, engaging and interesting- this is what comes to your mind when you finish this book. ‘Crossbow code’ is a great work of fiction. The suspense and the execution of the plot will keep the attention of the readers bound. The blurb of the story is apt and very precise. It builds up interest of the readers and forces them to turn the pages of the book. The characterization is perfect. The cover of the book is thrilling. The title is catchy. The font (style and size) and other technical details of the book are perfect.

The storyline is strong. The way the author has divided the content into different scenes is commendable. The balance is so good that the interest is not lost at any point of time. The proofreading and editing are fine. The only problem is with the punctuation of Dialogues. After finishing a dialogue and ending it with a comma, the next word has to begin with a lower case letter unless it is a name. For an instance, “I am Khalid from Kashmir, sar. Are you from India or Pakistan? You look like an Indian,” He asked in return. The capitalization of the word in Bold is incorrect. It should have been he. This is just one example. But time and again similar errors can be spotted.

The portrayal of Kris’s strong character is exemplary. The language is lucid and narration is flawless. The author has succeeded in making the readers live every scene of the book. The twists and turns are sure to give you jitters.

Overall, a good book with a blend of suspense and mystery!

Best wishes to the author!

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