November 23, 2017

Book Review: Flying without Wings by Rishabh Puri

Flying without Wings

Author: Rishabh Puri
Publisher: Black Ink Publishers
Rating: 3/5

Love is an uncanny emotion that baffles most. ‘Flying without Wings’ is a simple yet emotional story that describes the complexity of this emotion and also illustrates the aftereffects in broad strokes. Milli, an ordinary middle-class girl who is bent out of shape spends days and nights working at the airport and dreaming in her cloud cuckoo land. Like every other fairy tale, she, too, plays a waiting game and a Dating Application comes to her rescue.

Love blossoms and Milli finds the man of her dreams, Karan. Bound by the restrictions of their background and affluence, they face complications time and again but doesn’t love conquer all?

Written in simple language, the story doesn’t offer any twists and turns resulting in a clich├ęd plot. Lack of emotional connection and the crude caricatures of the protagonists fail to leave a lasting impression. At times I felt that the dumbing down of the content of the book was intentional in order to attract a larger audience. A sober cover completes the book in a decent manner. The narration is flawed at several places owing to the missing demonstrative adjectives and determiners.

Overall, the book is a one time read.
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