November 15, 2017

Book Review: Appu’s world of Sun, Sand and Sea by Radhika Ramachandran

Appu’s world of Sun, Sand and Sea
Author: Radhika Ramachandran
Genre: Children’s book
Publishers: Happy Squirrel (Leadstart)

Area A: Text
‘Appu’s world of Sand, Sun and Sea’ narrates the story of a young village boy who has an intense mind and imbibes his surroundings well. He learns to contrast and compare and the crests and troughs in his life shape up his personality. Longer sentences and difficult words might not be liked by the children. Unlike being a stick in the mud, Appu is inquisitive and attentive too.

Area B: Illustrations
The cover of the book neatly presents the main idea of the plot. However, the story lacks proper illustrations; only line drawings have been used (rarely).

Area C: Characterization

The main character of the story is Appu and just like the previous books, Appu’s personality is relatable. The children will like the protagonist and might feel the urge to give solutions to his problems too.  

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