November 06, 2017

Book Review: Educating Naughty Chimpu by Gouri Dash

Educating Naughty Chimpu
Author: Gouri Dash
Genre: Children’s book
Publishers: Happy Squirrel (Leadstart)

Area A: Text
The text has been organized in simple sentences. ‘Onomatopoeia’ has been chosen as the literary tool and it will definitely cater to the interest of the little children. The way the different animals have been described will compel the children to form an image in their minds and relate to the story better. Each page ends on a ‘curious’ note and the child will be tempted to read further.. However, the grammatical errors will hinder the process of learning. Also, I felt the inclusion of the part in which the young Chimpu proposes the bird, was irrelevant. For such young children, it is wise to not expose them to white lies and concepts that their minds cannot process.

Area B: Illustrations
The cover of the book neatly presents the main conflict of the plot. The illustrations (in broad strokes) strike the right chord and will be liked by the children. The primary medium used in illustrations is drawing. However, clearer illustrations would have been better.

Area C: Characterization
The main character of the story is Chimpu and the most dominant trait that can be identified is his impish behaviour. The central idea and the conflict of the story- the reluctance of Chimpu to study- will be relatable. The exposition, rising action and climax are fine but the resolution and falling action are a bit out of place. The story could have been twisted in a better way.

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