June 01, 2017

In Conversation with Kiran Manral...

Hi Kiran,

Congratulations for your book ‘Once Upon a Crush’! It is a pleasure to have a conversation (though not face-to-face) with you about your literary journey. What’s different is that I will be asking you questions that are not quite related to your latest book. So let us start the gossip session, shall we?

1.   What is the inspiration behind your book ‘Once Upon a Crush’?

Once Upon A Crush came about listening to stories from folks about the various crushes and office romances they had had over the years, how it is absolutely unsuitable to swoon over someone at the workplace and yet inevitably one always does, given one works in close quarters with them for so many hours.

2.   Which is the first book that made you cry?

My passbook always makes me cry. Seriously though I think the first book that made me cry was Jane Eyre.

3.   What are the common traps for the aspiring young writers? Have you come across any such malpractice?
  Traps are plenty in every field, I think the best thing for writers to do is to not be too greedy to be published and to serve their time in practice of their craft.

4.   What is your writing kryptonite?

My keyboard. And my fingers.

5.   Do you think women authors are more emotionally inclined towards their book characters?
I think there is a balance of emotional involvement with one’s characters and a certain amount of detachment one must feel in order to let the plot develop and that is true of any writer not specifically women authors. Unless that is in place, it isn’t possible to write a story that moves out of the realm of self indulgence.

6.   Do you hide any secrets in your book that only few people can find?

Not really. I write a story. And readers are free to read what they will into it, hidden or overt.

7.   What does Literary Success look like to you?

I wouldn’t know actually. I think having your books living on after you would make for literary success.

Now, here are some Rapid Fire Questions. This section of the conversation is meant to give the readers a glimpse of your personality. 

a.   Do you google yourself?
  Of course. It’s good to know that if I die the internet will remember me.

b.   Favourite cartoon character
He Man

c.    Favourite author moment
Readers queuing up to have their copies of my book signed.

d.  Favourite motherhood moment
My mom telling me I’m a good mom

e.    Dream job
What I’m doing right now

f.     Dream setting for your book
Intergalactic, in a parallel universe.

And finally the cliched question: How was your experience working with Leadstart Publishers?

That went like a breeze. Thanks Kiran for this short and sweet conversation. I wish you luck for your future endeavours.

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