June 03, 2017

Book Review: Dying to Live by Monisha Gumber

Dying to Live

Author: Monisha K. Gumber
Publisher: Leadstart Publishers
Rating: 3/5

These days children love to read. It feels so good seeing the seventh graders reading books that not only offer complicated perspectives but also offer good language. On this note, Monisha Gumber’s ‘Dying to Live’ fails to live up to my expectations. No, it is not because of a quirky cover. Instead, the font style and the informal language used is something that acted as a turn-off for me.

‘Dying to Live’ is a story about Megha, a strong, determined girl who has a bee in her bonnet about becoming the best. She has the best of both worlds- she is good in academics and she aces the extracurriculars. But still, she sulks and does something unthinkable. Teenage years are considered to be the fragile years because that is when one’s personality is molded. Megha’s strong-mindedness helps her overcome the obstacles and that is what the story is all about.

I did not quite like the presentation of the text in the book, for the teenagers are not kids who love unorganized and random text. They prefer reading novels/ novellas that have the elements of the plot placed and timed accurately.

The editing of the book is fine and the artwork adds to the content. Overall, the book is worth one shot as you never know how it might surprise others.

Best wishes to the authoress!
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