June 18, 2017

Book Review: Winning like Virat: Think & Succeed like Kohli

Winning Like Virat: Think & Succeed like Kohli
Author: Abhirup Bhattacharya
Publisher: RUPA Publishers
Rating:  2.5/5

Virat’s phenomenal success cannot go unnoticed. A middle-class boy, hailing from Delhi, etched his name in the Indian Cricket and the world went crazy after him. Not only is Virat a remarkable player but also has a killer personality and is pulchritudinous. ‘Winning like Virat’ is a non-fiction work that elicits the secrets that helped Virat succeed. The author aims to expose the readers to the best way they can emulate the qualities in their lives.

With uncomplicated language and pleasant print quality, the book has the potential to attract a lot of readers. This is not only because of the cover (that has Virat’s picture) but because the book promises to bring into light the qualities that constitute Virat’s personality. But the cover’s flawless façade masks the content that offers nothing new.

How many of us have read ‘Win and Think Like Dhoni’ by Sfurti Sahare? Well, compared to this, ‘Winning like Kohli’ is a bummer. The title is similar to the book that is already in the market. The content is equivalent to old wine in a new bottle. Most of the information has been just cited (scoop whoop, times of India). There is little mention of Virat’s story. For an instance, the first two chapters mainly focus on the mentor-mentee relationship, about how important the mentors are. But the examples could have been better had the author quoted some of Virat’s life stories. Also, the author beats around the bush when he tries to highlight the importance of Mr. Rajkumar Sharma in Virat's life.

Grammatically, the content is fine. But content-wise, I was unhappy with what the book offered. The author has tried to derive the lessons from what has either been reported by media or has been printed in the articles. But the desperate attempt to showcase this as brand-new goes in vain.

Overall, the book should not be judged by the face value, for the content is repetitive and the facts like ‘Kohli is calm under pressure’ makes the author’s researching prowess arguable.

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