April 12, 2016


The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits. Albert Einstein

And this is indeed true! 
Taher Shah has broken all boundaries and has emerged as an absolute nonsense. If you do not believe me, then try listening to ‘Eye to eye’ and ‘Angel’- with the most ludicrous lyrics. Few days back, I wrote about the absurdity being spread by Yo Yo Honey Singh, but now I am guilty as no one can outrun Taher Shah’s creativity. 

Let me take you through a harrowing journey of these two compositions:


Sneak peak into the lyrics:

Eye to eye, eye to eye
Essential, sensational eyes
My eyes and your eyes
Dreaming fairies eyes our eyes
Fabulous, exciting eyes
Eye to eye, eye to eye

[Verse 2: Taher Shah]

Keep your love in the soul
Make love with eye to eye
Your fairs and glorius eyes
I can see with my spectrum eyes
It's a genuine classic love
She will feel it romantic love
My bride, eye to eye
Glowing with your sparkling eye
Already gotta special love
Sincere promise, peaceful love

Mr. Shah has sung two songs till date that have actually become blockbusters. The same song has been dedicated by Hrithik Roshan to his buddy Ranveer Singh. The singer has been featured on BBC website too. Call it his utmost dedication or his utmost intention to torture fellow souls, his compositions have been trending a lot.

Keen Observations

Ø The extensive use of ‘Eye’ in the song can be an example of conduplicatio which is the repetition of a word or words in adjacent phrases or clauses, either to amplify the thought or to express emotion

Ø The English is horrible- Dreaming fairies eyes our eyes, Stylish, excellent, human eyes

Ø Taher does it without even blinking

Ø His extended wig and white suit gives us creeps

Ø There is no explanation regarding the presence of his doppelganger

Ø Sad but true- the rhythm of the song has a lasting effect on your mind; you will keep on humming the same tune

Ø Why is the camera so zoomed in?


Sneak peak into the lyrics:

I’ am like an Angel, … Mankind’s Angel
My heart is like a rose, … mankind’s soul
Dearest creation, by God
Heaven on earth, mankind’s Angel
Lonely for you, like an Angel
Your love is, my true Angel
Without you I always, live alone
As the heart beats, without a soul
I fall in love with you, always….
Like Angels, love other Angels
Angel Angel, … mankind’s Angel
Laa, Laa, Laa, Laa, Laa, Laa, Laa, Laa

Nonsense, right? Instead of blowing up in the face, Tahir has brought the house down. He is trending #1 in India and Pakistan and #3 in United Kingdom. Guessing who gave out these facts? Well, none other than BBC channel.

Keen Observation and some unanswered questions:

Ø Why is the pronunciation of ‘Angel’ so weird?

Ø Do angels wear such long gowns?

Ø The starting:
               Angel …… Mankind’s…… Angel……
Angel …… Mankind’s…… Angel……

Ø What is the blonde giant with a grotesque mask doing there? Is she Taher’s wife (I mean in the song) or is she a side character. If she is latter, then why the hell is she there?

Ø Biggest confusion: Taher has black hair (rather wig); the blonde has golden hair, the child in purple gown, has golden hair; the child in blue gown, has black hair. Who is whose child? WTF is happening in the video?

Ø The video is extremely creepy- may be because of the dress or hair on the angel’s chest

Ø The entire song was probably shot in the golf course. Taher has crossed all limits by giving us a complete torture of 5 minutes (approx.), raising his hand and shouting ‘ENGLE… MANKIND… ENGLE’

In all, I can only lament on our approach towards a healthy and harmonious life. The issues that make sense are not deemed important but all the babbles become the talk of the town. Lord save the humans!

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