April 29, 2016

Book Review: Strings of Friendship by Mehul Kaku

Strings of Friendship

Author: Mehul Kaku
Publisher: Self Published
Rating: 2.5/5

As rightly said by Cicero, “Man’s best support is a very dear friend,” this book highlights the importance of friendship in one’s life. ‘Strings of friendship’ revolves around four best friends, who have known each other from their school days. Life is a continuous process and to meet and part are the part and parcel of life. But it takes a lot of effort and planning to reunite with the ones left in the past, especially school friends. Prabhakar, the protagonist, plans to meet his three closest friends and eagerly waits for the reunion. But he overshoots the mark by assuming that everything will run as clockwork. The planning goes haywire when the three friends get preoccupied with their priorities and cancel the reunion. Will Prabhakar be able to meet his old friends? Will they be able to rekindle the memories of the past?

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My opinion
‘Strings of friendship’ is a simple and subtle tale of four friends, who try to go that extra mile to meet each other even after being preoccupied with different priorities in life. The main characters are Prabhakar, Reena and three best friends of Prabh. The author has succeeded in giving a perfect character sketch of the characters in the story. I would like to compliment the author’s ability to present this piece of fiction in a language that can be understood by everyone.

The plot is gripping but the major drawback lies in incorrect grammar- missing punctuation, incorrect formation of sentences and wrong use of tenses. The narration is fine. The cover of the book is too simple to be attractive. The font of the Title could have been bold instead of dotted lines. The blurb is apt but it is contained in a chat box which is a little confusing. The arrow should have been directed towards a person. The font (style, size) is fine. The typesetting is perfect. The best part is naming the chapters as ‘Chapter 01’ and so on.

The story might touch the hearts of all the grown-ups, who have left behind their friends and who have been making failed attempts of meeting their friends.

Although the ending is predictable, it is likable. The plot moves at a comfortable pace.

Overall, a good read!

Best wishes to the author!

The book lacks proper editing and proofreading as one can encounter punctuation errors (tenses, wrong use of apostrophe), missing words, and wrong formation of sentences- time and again. There is frequent use of Hindi words, which might act as a turn off for the ones who prefer reading rich literature.

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