April 15, 2016

Book Review: YAMA by Kevin Missal


Author: Kevin Missal
Publisher: Half Baked Beans
Rating: 3/5

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‘Yama’ is a tale about a strong willed man, who disguises himself and works for the benefit of the society. But what is that he does? Why do his actions offend the people? Why is everyone after his life? There are none who appreciate his efforts. Welcome to the dark and gloomy world of a hero, who is anti-hero for some too. With the blend of emotions with mystery, this book is surely for those who prefer suspense. With strong side characters that support the characterization of Yama, this book proves out to be a good read.

Grab your copies soon to unveil the mysterious actions of Yama and the reason behind them!

My Opinion
‘Yama’ is definitely an entrancing read.  The plot revolves around an anti-hero figure- Yama, who has taken the burden of eradicating the wrong from the society on his shoulders. Call it his dedication towards mankind or instinctive behavior, he punishes all the sinners. But his efforts are not appreciated by most. But the best part of the plot is that the reader will be confused between calling Yama a vigilante or calling him a psychopath.

Starting with the cover of the book, it is apt and catchy. The amalgamation of black and red gives due weightage to the protagonist. The title of the book is a little confusing, but in a positive way. The first thought that strikes the mind is that the book probably talks about Yama- the God of death. But mark my words; your assumption might turn out to be wrong for the story is about a normal human being.

The type setting and font (style, size) is not pleasant. The font used for the titles of the chapters, is way too cursive. The blurb of the book could have been better. The print quality is nice.

Coming to the plotting and story- telling, the author has done justice with the theme of the book and has provided a beautiful character sketch for all the characters. The content is engaging. The narration is lucid and understandable. There are no monotonous lengthy descriptions; the setting of the scenes is relatable and gives the readers ample opportunity to experience every moment.

Overall, the story is nice with a well-planned execution.

Best wishes to the author!

The major drawback is the lack of proper proofreading and editing. There are typing errors too. The short length of the chapters might not leave a positive impact on the reader. The story consist of scenes that can be related with a Bollywood movie- Aparichit.

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