January 18, 2016

Book Review: Voices of the silent creek by Vikkas A. Pareek

Voices of the silent creek

Author: Vikkas A. Pareek
Publisher: Nivasini Publishers
Rating: 3/5

‘A woman with a voice is by default a strong woman.’ ‘Voices of the silent creek’ is a story about three women, who decide to fight against all odds, in three different ways. Where Shanti decides to go with the flow of her destiny, Bhano is one such character who is ready to fight tooth and nail to help her sister get out from the hurricane of atrocious behavior ripping through the Singh house, creating havoc. And there is a third character too, who decides to intervene in the lives of Shanti and Bhano and help them make their way through the forest of problems. But will these three protagonists succeed in their efforts? Or will the darkness of the male dominant society engulf their spirits and rip apart their bodies?

Overall, a good book!

 My opinion
‘A woman centered book once more’- was my first reaction when I read the blurb at the back of this book. ‘Voices of the silent creek’ is one such maneuver by the author that is bound to strike deep within the conscience of every reader. Yes, it contains the incidences which every woman-centered book has, but I appreciate the narration style of the author that not even one ounce of it makes you foam at the mouth. The language is simple yet very effective.

The title of the book is apt but long. Personally, for such plots I feel that one words do a much better job of making the readers bounce off the walls. The cover sketch is amazing. The blurb is short and precise. The major drawback is the print of the book. The font, both size and style, are awful. To my utter dismay, the text is left aligned all throughout. The editing is not proper as there are several mistakes in tenses and punctuation. Wrong expressions like ‘this Lehenga is so pretty on you’, have been used. Also, page 33 (second paragraph) lacks punctuation. There are missing words in sentences like ‘her roll number was always the first ten students of her class’.

Coming to the plot, the story line is strong. The character sketch of Bhano has been done exceptionally well and the introduction of Arti into the gloomy/ daunting story, was definitely a balancing act.

Good effort done by the author.

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