January 20, 2016

Book Review: Beloved bread and butter and other stories by Chaitanya Vyas

Beloved bread and butter and other stories

Author: Chaitanya Vyas
Publisher: Cyberwit.net
Rating: 1.5/5

“Beloved bread and butter and other stories” is a collection of short stories by Dr. Chaitanya Vyas. The author has penned down various subjects and has tried his best to make every story as thought provoking as it can be.

My opinion
The very first impression of the book is a total failure because the title in itself is baffling. It is neither attractive nor indicative of anything. Another turn off is the blurb, which has been written in a slapdash way. The concept or the main theme of the book is not clear. The cover could have been made better by using more images/ sketches and a catchy font.

The font- style and size, is not the one that is generally preferred but looks fine as the content is lucid and legible. I longed for a content section, though. The stories are subtle and deep. The climax is good in almost all the stories but the body seems rigid. A more flexible/ varied approach could have done the trick.

Majority of the stories have a fair storyline and cater to various audience groups. For example, ‘A ghost of a chance’ can be classified as kids’ story. But the editing and proofreading of the book is awful. Even the punctuation (inverted commas) are different for every story. The tenses, punctuation, sentence formation and grammar is wrong. Moreover, there are blunders in the titles too (eg. ‘A ghost of a chance’ should ideally be ‘The Ghost of a chance’).

Overall, a book that is not recommended by me.

Sincere advice: Please proofread and edit your work before giving it for publication. Secondly, read more books to improvise on setting of the plot.

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