December 31, 2015

Book Review: It doesn't hurt to be nice by Amisha Sethi

It doesn’t hurt to be nice

Author: Amisha Sethi
Publisher: Srishti Publishers
Rating: 3/5

Confucius has correctly said- Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. It is the greed and the desire to have more that make the humans answer for their deeds. Happiness is not in achieving big things but it can be found in every little thing that happens around you. ‘It doesn’t hurt to be nice’ is a sincere attempt by Amisha Sethi, to throw light on the delicate and hidden threads that hold the life together. It is these threads that need to be cherished and nourished so that they become stronger with each passing day. This book is not a story. Instead, it is a book full of real-life experiences that aim in helping us all to identify the significant happiness and be contended with what we have. Join Kiara in her journey of life!

Grab this book to read something different.

My opinion
Unlike the other fiction novellas, where there are mushy love tales and everything ends in the cloud cuckoo land, this book offers different and enriching content. The book has a personal, emotional, humorous as well as spiritual touch. But the lingering question is how does this book fall into the category of fiction? There is no story. Instead, the book puts forward experiences of the protagonist.

The title of the book is fine. The blurb is a little baffling. It could have been made shorter and more precise. The Illustrations and the quotes are fabulous (not forgetting to mention that I loved the sketches). The font (style and size) is perfect. But the blend of experience and facts/views explained in the Upanishads/ Vedas is not up to the mark because time and again the mind is made to chop and change the final opinion.

Another offbeat thing that I found, was the use of fictional character named Kiara. The very first thing the readers opt for reading in the book, is either the blurb or the author biography. Once you read the author bio in this book, it is clearly evident that Kiara is the authoress herself. This might not be a problem for majority. But somewhere in the sub conscious mind, the usage of different name kept haunting my mind.

But the book definitely reaches out to your mind and heart because you are forced to think twice about how you would have reacted, had you been in Kiara’s situation. The content might be a turn off for non-philosophy lovers but it can blow away the cobwebs for the lovers of spiritual being and self-exploration.

Best wishes to the author!

There are some editing mistakes (wrong use of prepositions, tenses and punctuation).

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