January 07, 2018

This New Year Let's Do Something Different

The new year is here- all gift wrapped and ready to be painted in blue and pink! And like every year most of us would have already made a determined resolution to follow. But within two months we will be back to square one using the clich├ęd proverb as an excuse- promises are made to be broken. Well, this year let us all make a different kind of resolution- let us pledge to abide by three basic rules to succeed and follow them throughout the year. If this works out in our favour, we can continue next year too. If not, at least we will be glad that we kept one of our promises.


Right Effort or right diligence is the sixth part of the Eight-fold path of Buddhism. To be able to hold all the aces in your pocket, one need to cherry pick opportunities and take long strides in the right direction. Here, Intention plays a major role. Very rarely we are faced with difficult choices where it becomes important to consult others for opinions. 

All other times we are well versed in what we have to do. The only thing that skips our mind is the right intention with which we should do anything. Right intention is not only to give up harmlessness and ill-will but also to be attentive to our purpose of doing something because our intention forms our reality. This brings us to the second most important thing:


'Right Mindfulness' is the seventh part of the Eight-fold Path of Buddhism which emphasizes on having the awareness of thoughts, feelings, surrounding environment and all the bodily sensations. When we are aware of what is happening to us and with us, it becomes easy for the mind to take decisions and prevent us from hemming and hawing. Being attentive not only helps collect one’s thoughts but also helps in coming to grips with the problem or situation. Paying attention to what might happen and how might that help you can eventually help in shaping the intention.


The last but not the least is Purpose. Everything has a purpose. You wake up to go to work; you use the toilet to empty your stomach; you eat to remain energized during the day; you continue working in the hamster wheel only to earn a living and then using the money to live your dream. 

Even the smallest thing that you do during the day has a purpose, be it small or big. Even Picasso believed that the purpose of art is to wash off the dust of the daily life off our souls. It is not difficult to not know the motive of your actions; it takes a genuine thought and a silent moment to analyse and introspect.

So, this year let us break free from the usual and make an attempt to become a responsible and good human being by developing the awareness to have the right intention for a meaningful purpose. 

Wishing you all a very happy, prosperous and euphoric New Year 2018!

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