January 05, 2018

Book Review: Asia Reborn by Prasenjit K. Basu

Author: Prasenjit K. Basu
Publisher: Aleph Book Company
Rating: 3/5

The colonization that led to globalization is not only limited to India. There have been many Asian countries that have been victimized by the British, the Dutch and the French. Their migration to these nations gave rise to ethnic conflicts and outflow of the nation’s finances resulting in the decline of the overall growth. As Indians, we consider all the thoughts close to home but seldom do we get a chance to learn about the struggles and the development of other nations.

‘Asia Reborn’ is a comprehensive book that describes the culture, heritage and the history of the Asian Continent. With this book, the author’s scrupulous prowess in projecting the true reason behind declining literacy and life expectancy rates is highlighted. Divided into numerous chapters, each chapter is a treasury of wisdom that was not imparted to us during our school days.

This non-fiction book describes the major historical events that have shaped our present and will keep haunting our growth for the forthcoming years.

Overall, a very interesting book that caters to the interest of the ones interested in reading about the colonization, globalization and development of the Asian Continent.

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