December 17, 2017

Book Review: That’s How it’s Meant to Be by Shilpi Chaklanobis

That’s How it’s Meant to Be
Author: Shilpi Chaklanobis
Publisher: Author Paradise
Rating: 3/5

Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans.
― Allen Saunders

‘That’s how it’s Meant to Be’ is a poignant tale of love. Despite the clichéd plot where a love triangle affects three lives in one go and leaves one wanting for more, this story offers moments of genuine pathos and elaborates on the paraphernalia of a happy life. Love is believed to surpass all emotions and be bellyful to combat any ordeal. Welcome to the real world and the thinking changes, for love is insufficient.  The real world demands more.

In short, the story revolves around a Bengali girl, who has spent her childhood with a lot of friends and with family. Life changes course for her when she leaves the city for higher studies. She meets her opposite (in terms of personality) and falls in love because opposites attract, don’t they? Bound by the chains of apprehension and anxiety, both- Nilanjana and Vikram, abstain from spilling the beans that they love each other. And when they do, it is too late, for Nilanjana has already found a soft corner for Arunabh.

Love triangles are common for us; we have heard and seen many stories based on the same theme. So what makes this book different? The unequivocal expression of love is well set. The narration sets the tone and makes it all sound more real. We can all empathize with the characters and that is what makes this story impactful.

However, yet again the editing acts as an impediment and vexes the reader. Another point that I would like to put forward is that I believe one-worded/ two-worded titles are more cogent. A title like ‘fated’, ‘destined’, etc. would have been better. Here, the authoress should have exploited her creative abilities and presented something more interesting. The cover is too docile in comparison to the content.

Overall, this is a strong, emotional and average piece of fiction which will definitely touch your heart.

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