December 06, 2017

Book Review: Invisible Ties by Nadya A. R.

Author: Nadya  A.  R.
Publisher: Rupa Publishers
Rating: 4/5

Women are the epitome of altruism and largesse; they are hard-bitten beings with immense selflessness. But they are taken for granted. ‘Invisible Ties’ explores those imperceptible ties that bind a woman together and give her an identity. With rich, and at times difficult, vocabulary, the story is manoeuvred by its protagonist very well.

A slow read, in the beginning, the story gets more interesting towards the end. With verbose descriptions of the settings and the surrounding, the story wavers quite often, but the astute constitution of Noor’s (protagonist) personality balances it well. The story is set in Pakistan and Singapore per say. Born and brought up in Pakistan, Noor is Daisy’s daughter. Her house reeks of traditions and rituals and thus, when a group of bandits abduct her mother, she follows the command of her family and marries Meekaal Kalim.

The story picks pace as the setting shifts to Singapore. Meekaal, an investment banker, leads a luxurious life and for him the marriage is a namesake. Noor, troubled by the loveless life on a foreign land, finds comfort in studying psychotherapy. She treats her patients and gets interim freedom from her diabolical past but this does start changing her perceptions and beliefs. What comes next is a transformation phase which changes Noor’s destiny. Her acquaintance with her neighbour, Ella and her patient, Jake turns the tables.

The story is a complete pot-boiler as it has all the necessary elements of drama. However, the meek characterization of the sidekicks projects them as mere caricatures and this, in turn, abates the character development. The cover of the book is appealing as there are different ways to look at it. The magic mirror is the only means by which the constraints of the society can be seen. It can also symbolize an eye-opener that liberates Noor from her past and gives her life a new meaning.

Overall, ‘Invisible Ties’ is a brilliant story that offers genuine moments of heartache and throws light on the harsh realities of life. It projects various themes and leaves the last page for the readers to contemplate. This book cannot be understood without the ease of mind and reflective thinking owing to two reasons: one, complicated vocabulary and two, the intricate themes cropping up to be considered earnestly.

Best wishes to the author!
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