October 02, 2017

Book Review: The Ultimate Guide to Smart Shopping by V. Rajesh

Author: V. Rajesh
Publisher: Rupa Publishers
Rating: 3.5/5

A Little knowledge is a dangerous thing. I couldn’t agree more with this statement when I got the chance to read ‘The ultimate Guide to Smart Shopping’. With a hyperbole in the title itself, the book not only looks promising but also delivers what it preaches. Though it is definitely not the ‘ultimate’ guide, yet it addresses some of the most common apprehensions of mind and abates the crusading anxiety. The author’s motive of making the readers read between the lines and understand the consequences of their thought process is successfully accomplished.

Through this book, the readers are made to realize the after effects of their actions; the author tries to link every chain of thought to the origin and then result. At times, one might feel embarrassed when similar instances or situations are narrated.

The language is simple yet some terms might make the readers go crazy (some new terms used in context of marketing). However, the book has the potential to keep the readers glued. The author has explained various marketing strategies and the ways in which the shoppers are lured into buying items that value the least (say for eg. Tazos). Not only this, but the author also showcases his prowess in making his content interesting by concluding each chapter with a list summarized points.  It is, indeed, a class act to first make the readers understand what they have been/ are doing and then giving them a clear-cut solution to the problem.

With fine editing and a catchy cover, this is a light one-time read that can be purchased to adorn the non-fiction section on the bookshelf.

Best wishes to the author!

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