September 19, 2016

Essay #1 Pomegranate

What is life- a labyrinth or a cobweb? Don’t we want to outrun life and emerge victorious? But there is no way out. The different aspects of our life are as essential as are the different seeds of a pomegranate fruit. Just like how they stick together inside a complex and hard exocarp, the events of our life shape our personalities. The more the experience, the solid/ stronger is our personality.

Red, juicy
pomegranate appears glossy- leathery from outside but it is convoluted inside. With a closely knit network of thin skin, the fruit keeps all its seeds protected from the climate. Doesn’t this sound familiar? Isn’t life the same tough- rough crust and the events- the strongly knit seeds? Aren’t we all living cheek by jowl in a temporary camp that aims to strengthen our personality?

But probably we do not understand the complexities so well, for we believe in ‘divided we stand, united we fall’. Probably, we are not like the pomegranate seeds because we do not respect the interests of others and eagerly draw the battle lines. Probably, we need to understand the need for building bridges; learn to see eye to eye with someone.

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